“Effortless Forgiveness”
by Ed Smith and Joshua Smith

In Effortless Forgiveness,” Dr. Ed Smith and his son Joshua discuss the concept of forgiveness based on the TPM principles. This book sheds light on the primary reasons for why it seems so difficult to forgive, and how we can effortlessly forgive when we understand and know the truth in our hearts. This is your opportunity to experience effortless forgiveness!

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Softbound, 203 Pages

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An Excerpt from Back Cover

“The day that Jesus was crucified He looked out over the same crowd that had Him nailed to the cross, and with heartfelt compassion, He asked His Father to forgive them. This is what the Bible says we must do as we forgive from the heart the offenses of those who have hurt us (Eph. 4:32). But how do we do this?

Forgiveness from the heart is not something we can do by mustering up our willpower and just choosing to do it. The success rate of this model is sorely lacking. If we try our best to forgive and yet still feel animosity, offended, or remain angry with those who have hurt us, then something is amiss.

Forgiving from the heart as Jesus forgave is an outcome of genuine compassion felt toward those who have hurt us (Matt. 18:27). This occurs effortlessly when we rightfully view the person and his offense through the eyes of truth. Forgiveness from the heart is a work of God accomplished in us by Him alone in the same manner as He produces the fruit of the Spirit.

The fruit of the Spirit is not a “to-do” list that we attempt to accomplish. Rather, the fruit is an effortless outcome of knowing God’s truth with the heart. We cannot produce His fruit and neither can we produce compassion and forgiveness unless the Spirit brings it about. Like the fruit, forgiveness is the effortless outcome of knowing the truth in our hearts with absolute certainty. Only the Spirit can persuade us of the truth in this manner. By reading “Effortless Forgiveness” you will discover how to cooperate with the Spirit as He refines your faith/belief and persuading you of His truth and as an outcome, you may forgive effortlessly from the heart.”

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  1. Am a Pastor and interested in this book for small groups as well as for TPM
    Please direct me as to cost and procedure.
    Thank you.

  2. Maureen,

    We wrote this book with small groups in mind. We encourage churches to use this book as a way to introduce their people to the basic principles of TPM. The chapters are short, and there are discussion questions at the end of each one. If you order a large enough quantity, you will receive discounts through the publishing company (blurb). The order page will reveal the discounts that are available.

    Thank you and God bless,

    Ed Smith

  3. Hi Dr. Ed:

    Love the Title of your new book on forgiveness and would be interested in perhaps leading a small group with it. Let me know the next steps.

    Blessings always

  4. The book was written with small groups in mind. Have the group read a chapter each week and meet for discussion.

  5. In 2000 I was helped by a minister in Quarryville, Pa who used your prayer methods. He called it theophostic and told me how it was originated to help persons who had traumatic experiences. It helped me as a displaced homemaker to have the confidence to go to scool. I went away to school thinking I could continue it later, but when I returned he had been transferred. For nearly 18 years I have been trying to find someone, but no one I have spoken with knew what I was talking about. I felt led by the Holy Spirit to search the Internet this night and my search brought me here. Can you and will you please put me in touch with persons who can help me resume this particular walk with the Lord?

  6. Effortless Forgiveness by Ed and Josh Smith is a very thorough, theologically sound book on forgiveness. Practicing forgiveness has been very difficult for me . This book goes way beyond “you just need to forgive” message and lays out a path to freedom from the lies we believe which hinders us from freely forgiving those who hurt us.

    I read the book with a copy of the Transformation Prayer process map with me. Often I stopped reading and started walking through the TPM process of identifying lies and connecting with Jesus.

    In the beginning of the book the authors suggest reading it more than once. I agree. There’s so much more I absorbed in the second reading. Just started reading it a third time.

    Smith’s also provide excellent insights into the emotion of anger and finding freedom from its control.

    This is the best book I’ve read on forgiveness. I highly recommend it. The Transformation Prayer principles taught in the book work! Thank you Ed and Josh for your contributions to understanding this difficult subject.

  7. Dear Dr Ed,we just want to know if this new book is available as an e-book?
    The shipping cost from the US to South Africa is just to much and make the cost of the book in SA to high to come by.
    God bless.
    Johan van Reenen

  8. Do you have them in kindle format? I am a minister in Japan

  9. Our team is currently working on making it available in digital form. We will let everyone know when it is ready! We hope you enjoy and benefit from your physical copy in the meantime.

  10. Interestingly, the ‘submit’ button didn’t work for purchase/email with instructions.

  11. It appears you have already submitted your information (on April 18th). You will only need to fill out the form one time. This might be the reason for my the “submit” button appears not to work for you. Once you have received the ordering instructions, there is no need to fill this form out again. I hope that helps!

  12. I have tried several times to submit a request on how to order this book but have not received anything in my e-mail with instructions. Please contact me in this regard. Thanks.

  13. It appears as though the email was sent to you on May 7th. First, you will want to check your SPAM folder, as emails are occasionally mislabeled as “SPAM.” If it is not there, please let us know so that we can fix the issue. thanks!

  14. I ordered one book now I need to order more but your place above won’t let me please advise

  15. So how do I get this over in the UK please?
    Do you have any suppliers?
    I’m in GLOUCESTER England.
    Tried looking in UK Amazon but didn’t find anything.
    Thank you
    Also do you have training places in USA or UK

  16. We are very sorry and we wish we could help, but we cannot make a referral concerning any person that may say that they are doing TPM. We have no way to know what anyone is doing in ministry so we do not have a listing of people who are equipped in TPM. It has been our experience that just because a person takes the training and says that they are doing TPM is not a guarantee that this is so. Since we have no way to verify what any person is doing, we are unable to make any recommendations.

    We do encourage you to be very careful about from whom you receive ministry. Be sure that they are under the authority of a local church or Christian ministry. Also, while you wait for the Lord to open the door, take the time to equip yourself with the TPM training. It is freely available to you at https://www.transformationprayer.org It is vital that you understand TPM so that when you do find someone you will be able to determine if what they are doing is indeed TPM or something else.

    In the INTRODUCTION of the training there is an article title Ministry Session Guidelines that will give you a good overview of what you should expect from a person who says they are using TPM.

    However, many people who are in a similar situation as you have chosen to learn all they can about TPM and take the training themselves. It is very possible that you can self-administer the TPM Process with good results. From the HOMEPAGE menu, Click the START TRAINING HERE button and follow the suggested path of training. Begin with the INTRODUCTION and then proceed to the rest of the training.

    We will pray that the Lord opens doors for you to find the right person. In the meantime we encourage you to be diligent to learn all that you can.

  17. As a pastor I’m wondering if you have any counsel for how to support family who have just received news of death or accident. I know that what they need is to deal with lies they may believe that are triggered by the tragedy but is there any way of using the principles of TPM in the initial times with them?

  18. Effortless Forgiveness is an excellent study on this difficult topic. Dr Ed and Joshua don’t treat it lightly and give many real-life examples as well as biblically sound theology. TPM is introduced ‘effortlessly’. Having received significant healing through using this prayer method for several years, I look forward to introducing this book in a small group study.
    Investigate TPM and you will not regret the time you spend!

  19. I have just finished reading Effortless Forgiveness and am starting my first re-read! Although I am very familiar with TPM, reading this book has challenged me to look more deeply at some areas of un-forgiveness in my own life and pursue the truth through TPM. I love the title of the book. I think if Christians (and non-Christians), are really honest, we would all agree that forgiveness is most often “an act of the will” which is patently unsuccessful!! Here at last is a solution to gain God’s perspective and be released from the burden of pain we carry. I look forward to sharing this book with others as a way of introducing them to the opportunities that TPM offers. Thanks to Ed and Joshua for their efforts here and throughout this website to share these principles of cooperation with God in refining our faith.

  20. There are things happening in my life, and if they happened two years ago, I would be devastated. But, thanks to the grace of God and the skills that I’ve learned through TPM, I can handle it, because I don’t believe the lies about myself anymore as God gave me truth through the TPM process.
    TPM is a wonderful tool and when I get upset about things, I do TPM on myself and is getting stonger and grow in myself and in my faith in God.
    Thank you for teaching us how to do it.

  21. After studying TPM since 2008 and attending the training in Dec 2015, and devouring the materials on your website since (THANKS for making it all available), I’ve felt compelled to bring it to our church. Although I’ve had a green light, I kept asking the Lord how to begin? When Effortless Forgiveness came out I got it right away and one morning woke up knowing that was my way of introducing TPM. I begin an 8 week class early September and am so excited; however, in going through the book, God has used it to expose more lie-based beliefs I’d been harboring!

  22. I have been through Theophostic Prayer Ministry. Does this website have everything I would need to study the changes that you have made over the years?

  23. What is found on this website includes all of the many changes that have been made from what we used to call Theophostic Prayer. This website training is the most current and up to date information available.

  24. We need help to start a TPM group in our
    church . HELP!!!!

  25. Candyce Roberts told me about your training in theophostic prayer. I am interested in coming to a training but only see reading material here. Can I get some training dates and information?

  26. While I’ve been quite familiar with the principles and process of TPM, the book “Effortless Forgiveness” is a great introductory experience. In fact, the book helped to bring further clarity and freedom in a few areas for me.

    I’m getting ready for my first re-read, however this time I’m bringing someone else along for the ride! It’s a wonderful tool for discipleship and training in this principles. Thank you brothers!

  27. Am in south Africa. Where can I get the book from

  28. You may be able to order it on Amazon.

  29. All of the current training is found on this website. Start in the INTRODUCTION section and follow the suggested study path. We will probably be offering some live seminars in 2019.

  30. All of the training is offered freely on this website. Start in the INTRODUCTION section and follow the suggested study path. Thank you.

  31. I would like to order the forgiveness book but I do not want to create a blurb account.
    I also have another editing note.

  32. Is there a PDF download available for the Effortless Forgiveness book as there is with the other 2 books?

  33. There is not a free copy of this book as of right now. It was produced outside of the non-profit aspect of TPM. However, we have tried to keep the cost down as much as possible.

  34. I am not sure how you will get a copy apart from ordering from BLURB or AMAZON. We (TPM) do not distribute the book ourselves. Every order is fulfilled by BLURB and AMAZON.
    You might find a copy listed on EBAY. Hope you are able to get a copy.

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