Current TPM Training

TPM Training material
“The Principles, Purpose, and Process of Transformation Prayer Ministry”
This book replaces ALL previous versions of the TPM training.

It is available as a FREE PDF that you can download HERE.

Go HERE to learn how to order a physical copy.

“The TPM Maps and Flowcharts”

These training aids offer a visual representation of the TPM Process.

Each is available as a FREE PDF that you can download HERE.

Print them out so that you have a physical copy as well.

“TPM Training Videos”

In these videos Ed and Joshua Smith discuss the concepts that are introduced in the main text (The Principles, Purpose, and Process of TPM).

These videos are currently being constructed.

As new videos are produced, the website will be updated.

TPM Training Aids
Training Aid:
TPM LIVE is a live video broadcast hosted by Ed and Joshua Smith.

Join them during the next broadcast to interact with them LIVE.

Your questions, comments, and testimony are welcome!

CLICK HERE to learn more about TPM LIVE.


The Training Format
“What does it look like?”

Note: In the near future, we will produce an organized and video-rich study guide that will lead you through the TPM material. For now, consider the following insight and suggestions:

The main text (The Principles, Purpose, and Process of Transformation Prayer MinistryAVAILABLE HERE) provides everything you need to begin your learning and “equipping” journey. You can choose to work through the book on your own, but we encourage you to form a group of friends to study together. Each person can use the freely available PDF version of the book or purchase their own physical copies HERE.

Many of the chapters in the main text are divided into multiple “parts.” This makes the book very versatile. You and your group can read and discuss a whole chapter (or more) each week. But you could also limit each meeting to a single “part.” Take your time and don’t get in a hurry. Remember, your goal is comprehension, not “completion.”

There are several supplemental resources available that can aid you on your journey through the TPM material. The “Workbook” (which will be released soon) can both bolster your comprehension as you read the main text and guide your discussions when you meet with your study group. The TPM Maps and Flowcharts can be printed-out and used to help you learn the Process of TPM (these can also be extremely helpful during a TPM session). Finally, Ed and Joshua Smith make themselves available during their LIVE video broadcast titled “TPM LIVE” to expand the concepts that are discussed in the main text and to answer your TPM-related questions.

As you work through the material and begin practicing what you learn, remember the goal: comprehension. The measure of success is not whether you have read the book or not; rather, it is the degree to which you are equipped for your faith-refining journey with the Lord. Rather than seeing people “take the training,” we hope to see more and more people “take advantage of the many opportunities for faith-refinement that God puts in their paths.

Study hard, learn it well, apply it often, and invite the Lord to transform your life!

Each one must do just as he has decided in his heart, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.”
(2 Corinthians 9:7)