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The next broadcast of tpm live has been rescheduled!


the August 5th broadcasts have been moved to august 12th.

Monthly Schedule: First Monday of each month at 12pm and 8pm (Eastern)

 TPM LIVE” is a video broadcast where Ed and Joshua Smith dive deep into the TPM training material and answer your questions. The LIVE broadcast can be viewed in the video player found below.  On the first Monday of every month, at 12 pm EST and 8 pm EST, click the “play button” on the video player to watch. If the message “Live Stream Offline” appears on the screen, then they are not currently streaming. And if we are scheduled to go live, but the video will not play, you may need to refresh your screen.

Each episode of “TPM LIVE” is recorded and made available at https://vimeo.com/showcase/downloadtpmlive

For a list of episodes and topics (including time stamps for each), us the following links:
YOUTUBE (Topics and Timestamps)
VIMEO (Topics and Timestamps)

Special Invitation: If you would like to join “TPM LIVE” via video, even during the broadcast, use the blue button below:

If you have trouble signing into Zoom, try using the link in a previous email.



Feel free to watch previously recorded episodes, and continue your reading of the TPM Training Material to prepare for the next “TPM LIVE!”

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Other Applications for “TPM LIVE”

You are encouraged to join Ed and Joshua for each episode of “TPM LIVE” as it offers the opportunity to interact with them directly and have your questions answered personally. And after each broadcast, the recorded video will be made available at the bottom of this page. These videos can be an invaluable addition to your TPM training!

How You Can Prepare for TPM LIVE

During “TPM LIVE,” Ed and Joshua will discuss the various concepts and protocols that are outlined in the TPM training material. To prepare for the upcoming broadcasts of “TPM LIVE,” be sure to start reading from your copy of the book, “The Principles, Purpose, and Process of Transformation Prayer Ministry,” which is available as a FREE eBook. You can also purchase a physical copy for your personal studies!

 If you have a question for Ed and Joshua but missed the LIVE Broadcast, submit a question by filling out the form below:

(Please note that questions submitted using this form may or may not get answered during the LIVE broadcast; as questions that are submitted via the LIVE CHAT are typically answered first.)

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