The New TPM Training

What You Need to Know:

This new training consists of several basic texts, multiple videos and practice exercises which are all formatted within what we have called the “TPM Study Guide.” This study guide is designed to help you to navigate through the TPM training.  The two primary texts are “The Essentials of Transformation Prayer Ministry” (SECOND EDITION) and  “The Process of TPM.”  You will need to obtain your own personal copies of these two books.  We encourage you to obtain a paper copy so that you can highlight and make notes as you go. However, we do offer a free digital download of both if you cannot afford paper copies.

NOTE: If you purchase the book “The Essentials of Transformation Prayer Ministry” through AMAZON or other supplier be sure that you purchase the “SECOND EDITION” issue. The words “second edition” should appear on the front cover. This new edition is 320 pages. 

Additional training resources include the introductory book entitled, “Effortless Forgiveness,” the TPM MAP, ministry process demonstration videos where Ed and Joshua role-play ministry scenarios, the new TPM Compass which can help you determine where you are in a TPM session, the TPM Coach training exercises, and much more!

You will find the TPM Study Guide posted below.

The Essentials of TPM” – SECOND EDITION 320 Pages


The Process of TPM


How the Training Works:


The “Essentials” book and the “Process” book work hand-in-hand as the centerpiece of your training. However, there is much more information that you will need to fulfill your training. This study guide will direct you to other sources of information (including articles, videos, and practice exercises) as you work through each of the chapters in the “Essentials” book. As of this writing, everything you need is freely available on this website. This guide has been compartmentalized and organized into a twenty-week format.

Each week lists the training material that is to be read, viewed, or practiced before the corresponding week’s meeting. The articles, videos, and practice lessons are arranged in the order that you are to work through them. 

The items labeled “Going Deeper” are not mandatory, but they can be very helpful in expanding your understanding of various topics covered in the TPM training. You can print out this page in order to help you keep track of your training assignments.

Suggestions for “Leading” a TPM Training Group

Although it is possible to work through the training material by yourself, why would you? It would be better to work through it with a team of like-minded friends who are committed to finding the freedom that God has to offer. The ideal setting is your church group led by an organized leader who will keep the team on target and who can lead the way by example.

No Teacher Needed

There is no need for a “teacher” to be in the room. The training leader is him or herself a fellow learner traveling together with other fellow students. If someone takes the role of “teacher” then he or she has positioned him or herself between the group and the primary TPM source materials. Even the “best of the best” teacher will be reinterpreting the materials when he or she becomes the medium between the primary source of information and the student. No one needs to stand between the training itself and the rest of the class.

The assigned leader may facilitate the open discussion of the text, check to make sure everyone is completing assignments, facilitate during training exercises, ask deeper questions that pertain to the materials, assure that the team is staying on track, etc. but the materials should speak for themselves as well as the videos without further interpretation. No one needs to be the teacher since the training is self-taught.

We have deliberately chosen to not provide a ridged format for the training structure, but rather we allow each group to decide what their particular training “class” will look like. We have offered this study guide to give you a path to follow, but with the freedom to travel at your own pace and to structure what you do according to what is best for you.  There is no need to get in a hurry. Take your time. The goal is not to “finish” the course, but to retain, comprehend and master the information along the way. If you read the all of the TPM books, watch the videos and work through all of the exercises and yet only comprehend and retain 35% of what is there, can you really say that you have been trained?

Most of the videos are downloadable and can be put on a flash drive or all can be played directly on your computer or phone or shown through your video projector.  

2-Hour Block of Time

Your group should probably plan on a two-hour block of time for your weekly training. The first hour would be spent on watching the assigned videos, discussing the assigned chapters, and answering and discussing the study questions. The second hour should be spent on the practice exercises, making homework assignments, etc.

Practice Makes Perfect

Practice the Process with your team as soon as you have worked through the chapter that introduces the MAP. The key word here is PRACTICE. Practice through role-playing a ministry session with someone in your group, not through an actual “real” session. There is no need to do live sessions when you first begin. It is more important that you understand the TPM Process and have a good understanding of the intention and purpose of every question than dealing with real life issues. Over time you will begin to do real sessions with people within your group. If possible, you should allow for practice every time you meet. Make an effort to learn the TPM Process well.

TPM as the Culture of the Church

TPM is for all members of the church. T.P.M. is not the “Troubled People’s Ministry” for helping the “wounded”, nor is it a pain managing ministry. It is a ministry of mind renewal and transformation designed for all people seeking to know truth that can transform them. TPM is a means by which ALL members of the Body of Christ can intentionally and purposefully cooperate with the work that God is doing in each of us. The focus of this ministry is to equip every member of the body of Christ with the tools and understanding necessary to intentionally cooperate with God as He refines our faith and transforms our lives.

It is our heart’s desire that church leaders would see the potential for dynamic church transformation, should the principles of TPM ever become a part of the fabric or culture of the church. What might it look like if the church body was applying the principles of this ministry as a lifestyle and a way of viewing life’s troubles and crises?

Free But Not Without Cost

Everything that you need to be fully trained in TPM has been made freely available in digital form on this website. However, just because it is free does not mean it is without cost. The ongoing investment of time, labor, and operational costs are all very real and require a continual influx of financial support. The training you are about to begin has been provided for you as a gift made possible by others who feel called to be sustaining supporters of this ministry. Will you consider becoming a sustaining partner with us as we seek to take TPM to the global Body of Christ? (Click here to learn more.)


If your particular training group does not speak English, then for now, you will have to do as well as you can. We desire to make this training available in all languages, however, this will require the TPM community to rise up financially to make this happen. If the Lord places it upon your heart to be the one who makes TPM available to a specific language group let us know and we will make it happen.

NOTE: The blue text contains links to articles and videos. If an article contains videos, we highly recommend that you view them, as they supplement and expand the written portion of the article!

Also note that there have been significant changes made in the SECOND EDITION of the book Essentials of Transformation Prayer Ministry. It is best if your group all uses the same edition if possible. If they have an older version of this book they can upgrade to the newer edition online without cost by clicking the link above.

TPM Study Guide


Week One

Training Assignments:

-READ: The Essentials of TPM: “Introduction”

-READ: The Essentials of TPM: Chapter 1: “Fake it ‘til you make it!”

-READ:  The Process of TPM: “Introduction”

-WATCH: “Introduction to Transformation Prayer Ministry

Going Deeper:

-READ: “The Benefits of TPM

-READ: “Discovered, Not Created


Week Two

Training Assignments:

-READ: The Essentials of TPM: Chapter 2: “The History of TPM”

-READ:  The Process of TPM: Chapter 1: “The Process: What Occurs in a Ministry Session”

-WATCH: “Introduction to the TPM Process Demonstrations

-WATCH:Simple Session

Going Deeper:

-READ: “Ministry Session Process (Part 1) – Overview

-READ: “Look to Jesus Before You Panic

-WATCH: “The Map Presentation



Week Three

Training Assignments:

-READ: The Essentials of TPM: Chapter 3: “What TPM IS and IS NOT”

-READ: The Process of TPM: Chapter 2: “Knowing Where You Are on the Map”

Going Deeper:

-READ: “Understanding the Process Questions

-READ: “Expanded Explanation” (From the beginning of the article up to “Emotion Box” section)



Week Four

Training Assignments:

-READ: The Essentials of TPM: “Introduction to the Primary Paradigm Shifts”

-READ: The Essentials of TPM: Chapter 4: “From Performance to Genuine Transformation”

-READ:  The Process of TPM: Chapter 3: “The Emotion Box – Part One”

-PRACTICE:TPM Coach: Simple Session 1

-WATCH: “Brief Overview of Emotion Box for New Mentee

Going Deeper:

READ: “Transformation or Conformity

-READ: “Trying Harder to Overcome Sin Doesn’t Work

-READ: “Understanding the Emotion Box Questions

-READ: “The Purpose of the Second Emotion Box Question

-READ: “Expanded Explanation” (The Emotion Box Section)



Week Five

Training Assignments:

-READ: The Essentials of TPM: Chapter 5: “From Double-mindedness to Purified Faith”

-READ:  The Process of TPM: Chapter 4: “The Emotion Box – Part Two”

 -WATCH: “Asking the Emotion Box Questions Until the Mentee Repeats

Going Deeper:

-PRACTICE: “TPM Coach: Simple Session 1” (explore the “wrong” options)

-READ: “More Precious than Gold

-READ: “Peitho: Faith that is Pleasing to God

-READ: “Mind Renewal and the Spirit of the Mind

-READ: Association: By God’s Design

-READ: “Association: Basic Principles

-READ: “Association: When It Seems to Not Be Working



Week Six

Training Assignments:

-READ: The Essentials of TPM: Chapter 6: “From Battle to Victory”

-READ:  The Process of TPM: Chapter 5: “The Memory Box”

-WATCH: “Asking the Looping Question in the Memory Box

-WATCH: “Minimal Information Needed in a TPM Session

Going Deeper:

-READ: “Controlled Behavior is Not a Fruit of the Spirit

-READ: “Transformation or Controlled Behavior

-READ: “We Do Whatever We Believe

-READ: “Expanded Explanation (Memory Box)



Week Seven

Training Assignments:

-READ: The Essentials of TPM: Chapter 7: “From Toxic Emotions to Trustworthy Emotions”

-READ:  The Process of TPM: Chapter 6: “The Belief Box”

Going Deeper:

-READ: “Controlling Emotion is Not Spiritual

READ: “Clarifying and Identifying Heart Belief

 -READ: “Expanded Explanation” (The Belief Box Section)



Week Eight

Training Assignments:

-READ: The Essentials of TPM: Chapter 8: “From Enduring to Benefitting”

-READ: The Essentials of TPM: Chapter 9: “From Blaming the Past to Owning the Present”

-READ:  The Process of TPM: Chapter 7: “The Truth Box”

Going Deeper:

-READ: “Running the Race without the Extra Weight

-READ: “The Divine Exchange: Affliction for Glory

-READ: “Our Value with God

-READ: “Illumination and Faith

-READ: “Expanded Explanation” (The Truth Box Section)

-READ: “Understanding the Truth Box Questions



Week Nine

Training Assignments:

-READ: The Essentials of TPM: Chapter 10: “From Satan as an Imposing Threat to a Beneficial Tool”

-READ:  The Process of TPM: Chapter 8: “The Transformation Box”

 PRACTICE: “TPM Coach: Simple Session 2

Going Deeper:

-READ: “The Clock Principle

-READ: “Understanding the Transformation Box Question

-READ: “Satan is Well Pleased with Our Best Effort

-READ: “Expanded Explanation” (The Transformation Box Section)



Week Ten

Training Assignments:

-READ: The Essentials of TPM: Chapter 11: “From Sinful Solutions to God’s Way of Release”

-READ:  The Process of TPM: Chapter 9: “Introduction to Solutions”

-READ:  The Process of TPM: Chapter 10: “The Solution Box”

-WATCH: “Problem, Solutions, and Why Diets Don’t Work

-WATCH: “Video Demonstration: “Solutions in a TPM Session

-WATCH: “Video Demonstration: “Solution (No Emotion) and Heart Belief (Helpless)

Going Deeper:

-PRACTICE: “TPM Coach: Simple Session 2” (explore the “wrong” options)

-READ: “Cooperating with God in His Handiwork

-READ: “God Completing the Work He Started

-READ: “Turn the Light On!

-READ: “Solutions: How they are Established

-READ: “Overview of the Solution Box




Week Eleven

Training Assignments:

-READ: The Essentials of TPM: “Introduction to the Three P’s of TPM”

-READ: The Essentials of TPM: Chapter 12: “The Purpose: Why Do TPM at All”

-READ: “Trust and Authority

Going Deeper:

-READ: “What is Faith?

-READ: “Not All Faith is a Pure Faith

-READ: “Walking in a Pure Faith

-READ: Avoiding Workarounds

-READ: “When the Questions Don’t Appear to Work

-READ: TPM and Free Will

-READ: “The Solution Box Questions

-READ: “Solving the Problems of Heart Belief



Week Twelve

Training Assignments:

-READ: The Essentials of TPM: Chapter 13: “The Principles: The Foundation of What Should Happen in a Ministry Session”

-READ:  The Process of TPM: Chapter 11: “Solution and Sin”

-WATCH: “Video Demonstration: “Solution (No Emotion) and Heart Belief (Helpless)

-WATCH: The Constant Effects of the Lies We Believe (Pain and Solutions)

-WATCH: “The Problem with Only Addressing Solution Behaviors

-PRACTICE: “TPM Coach: “No Emotion

Going Deeper:

-READ: When the Truth Does Not Feel True

-READ: The Sanctification of Belief

-READ: Faith is When Your Feet Touch the Bottom

-READ: “The Mentee’s Role in the TPM Process




Week Thirteen

Training Assignments:

-READ:  The Process of TPM: Chapter 12: “Introduction to Anger”

-READ:  The Process of TPM: Chapter 13: “The Anger Box”

-WATCH: “The Basics Principles of Emotion (Anger)

-WATCH: “Anger Role Play

-WATCH: “Video Demonstration: “Solution (No Memory, Anger) and Solution (Powerless, Weak)

-PRACTICE: “TPM Coach: Angry at Somebody

 Going Deeper:

-READ: “Anger in a Ministry Session

-READ: “Introduction to Anger

-READ: “Orientation, Process, and Explanation

-READ: “A Biblical View of Anger


Week Fourteen

Training Assignments:

-READ: The Essentials of TPM: Chapter 14: “The Process: What We Do in a Ministry Session”

-READ:  The Process of TPM: Chapter 14: “Truth-Based Pain”

-PRACTICE: “TPM Coach: Angry at God

-WATCH:Anger is a Stop Sign

Going Deeper:

-READ:  If you haven’t already, you are encouraged to begin your study through the book “Effortless Forgiveness” so that you have a good understanding forgiveness and how is an expected outcome of knowing the truth ourselves within our hearts.

-READ: God Is…

-READ: “The Anger Family

-READ: “Anger: Summary and Review

-READ: “Truth-based Pain: Principles

-READ: “Truth-based Pain: Process



Week Fifteen

Training Assignments:

-READ: The Essentials of TPM: Chapter 15: “Who Is Doing What in a Ministry Session”

-WATCH: “Taking the Holy Spirit out of the TPM Process

-PRACTICE: “The TPM Compass” (This is an invaluable tool! Be sure to practice using it so that you can use it effectively in a ministry session.)

Going Deeper:

-READ: “Characteristics of Heart Belief

-READ: “Troubleshooter’s Guide



Week Sixteen

Training Assignments:

-READ: The Essentials of TPM: Chapter 16: “General Overview of the TPM Process”

-READ:  The Process of TPM: Chapter 15: “Demonization and Manifestations”

-WATCH: “Demonic Manifestation in a TPM Session

Going Deeper:

-READ: “When Our Conscience Condemns Us

-READ:Waiting for the Waters to Stir



Week Seventeen

Training Assignments:

-READ:  The Essentials of TPM: Chapter 17: “Understanding the “MAP” and the Questions”

-READ: The Essentials of TPM: Chapter 18: “The SOLUTION Box and ANGER Boxes”

Going Deeper:

-READ: “Solving the Problems Caused by Heart Belief

-READ: “Heart Belief Supersedes Intellectual Belief

-READ: “Without Faith We Cannot Trust and Obey



Week Eighteen

Training Assignments:

-READ:  The Process of TPM: Chapter 16: “Extended Discussions”

READ:  The Process of TPM: “Conclusion”

-WATCH: “Telling Yourself the Truth in a TPM Session

Going Deeper:

-READ: “Belief Series: Introduction

-READ: “Belief Series: Experiential Belief

-READ: “Belief Series: Intellectual Belief

-READ: “Belief Series: Assumptions and Conclusions



Week Nineteen

Training Assignments:

-READ: The Essentials of TPM: Chapter 19: “The Solution and Anger Boxes”

-READ: “Belief Series: Heart Belief

-READ: “Persuasion, Faith, and TPM

Going Deeper:

-READ: “Intellectual Belief is a Precursor to Faith

-READ: “Two Types of Heart Belief

-READ: “Is Heart Belief Experiential?




Week Twenty

Training Assignments:

-READ: The Essentials of TPM: Chapter 20: “Ministry Session Expectations”

-READ: The Essentials of TPM: “Conclusion”

-READ: “The “Sense” of the Heart

-READ: “Summary of All We Believe

Going Deeper:

-READ: “The Role of Memory and Heart Belief


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