TPM Study Guide

Here is what you need to know:

This study guide is designed to help you to navigate through the online TPM training.

It is structured around the book entitled, “The Essentials of Transformation Prayer Ministry.”

You will be able to order additional copies soon.

Be sure to watch for upcoming announcements regarding its official release.

The “Essentials” book is the centerpiece of your training. However, there is much more information that you will need to fulfill your training. This study guide will direct you to other sources of information (including articles, videos and practice exercises) as you work through each of the chapters in the “Essentials” book. As of this writing, everything you need is freely available on this website.

This guide has been compartmentalized and organized into a twenty-week format. Each week lists the training material that is to be read, viewed, or practiced before the corrisponding week’s meeting. The articles, videos, and practice lessons are arranged in the order that you are to work through them.

The items labeled “Going Deeper” are not mandatory, but they can be very helpful in expanding your understanding of various topics covered in the TPM training. You can print out this page in order to help you keep track of your training assignments.

NOTE: The blue text contains links to articles and videos. If an article contains videos, we highly recommend that you view them, as they supplement and expand the written portion of the article!


TPM Study Guide


Week One

Training Assignments:

-READ: The Essentials of TPM: “Introduction”

-READ:  The Essentials of TPM: Chapter 1: “Fake it ‘til you make it!”

-WATCH: “Introduction to Transformation Prayer Ministry

-READ:Ministry Session Process (Part 1) – Overview

Going Deeper:

-READ: “The Benefits of TPM

-READ: “Discovered, Not Created

Week Two

Training Assignments:

-READ: The Essentials of TPM: Chapter 2: “The History of TPM”

-WATCH:The Map Presentation

-WATCH: “Introduction to the TPM Process Demonstrations

-WATCH:Simple Session

Going Deeper:

-READ:Trying to Put the Past Behind Us

-READ: “Look to Jesus Before You Panic

Week Three

Training Assignments:

-READ: The Essentials of TPM: Chapter 3: “What TPM IS and IS NOT”

-READ:Expanded Explanation (Beginning up to Emotion Box)

Going Deeper:

-READ: “Understanding the Process Questions

-READ: “Trying Harder to Overcome Sin Doesn’t Work

Week Four

Training Assignments:

-READ: The Essentials of TPM: “Introduction to the Primary Paradigm Shifts”

-READ: The Essentials of TPM: Chapter 4: “From Performance to Genuine Transformation”

-READ:Expanded Explanation (Emotion Box)

-PRACTICE:TPM Coach: Simple Session 1

Going Deeper:

READ: “Transformation or Conformity

-READ: “Understanding the Emotion Box Questions

-READ: “The Purpose of the Second Emotion Box Question

Week Five

Training Assignments:

-READ: The Essentials of TPM: Chapter 5: “From Double-mindedness to Purified Faith”

-READ:Association: By God’s Design

-READ: “Association: Basic Principles

-READ:Association: When It Seems to Not Be Working

Going Deeper:

-READ: “More Precious than Gold

-READ: “Peitho: Faith that is Pleasing to God

-READ: “Mind Renewal and the Spirit of the Mind

Week Six

Training Assignments:

-READ: The Essentials of TPM: Chapter 6: “From Battle to Victory”

-READ: “Post Childhood Memories: Part One

-READ: “Post Childhood Memories: Part Two

-WATCH: “Asking the Emotion Box Questions Until the Mentee Repeats

Going Deeper:

-READ: “Controlled Behavior is Not a Fruit of the Spirit

-READ: “Transformation or Controlled Behavior

-READ: “We Do Whatever We Believe

Week Seven

Training Assignments:

-READ: The Essentials of TPM: Chapter 7: “From Toxic Emotions to Trustworthy Emotions”

-READ: “Expanded Explanation (Memory Box)

-READ: “Controlling Emotion is Not Spiritual

-WATCH: “Asking the Looping Question in the Memory Box

-WATCH: “Minimal Information Needed in a TPM Session

Going Deeper:

-READ: “Womb Memories, Recurring Dreams, and Watershed Memories

-WATCH:Brief Overview of Emotion Box for New Mentee

Week Eight

Training Assignments:

-READ: The Essentials of TPM: Chapter 8: “From Enduring to Benefitting”

-READ: The Essentials of TPM: Chapter 9: “From Blaming the Past to Owning the Present”

-READ: “Expanded Explanation (Belief Box)

-READ: “Expanded Explanation (Truth Box)

Going Deeper:

READ: “Clarifying and Identifying Heart Belief

-READ: “Understanding the Belief Box Question

-READ: “Words of Knowledge and Prophesy in a TPM Session

-READ: “Running the Race without the Extra Weight

-READ: “The Divine Exchange: Affliction for Glory

-READ: “Our Value with God

Week Nine

Training Assignments:

-READ: The Essentials of TPM: Chapter 10: “From Satan as an Imposing Threat to a Beneficial Tool”

-READ: “Expanded Explanation (Transformation Box)

-READ: “The Clock Principle

-PRACTICE: “TPM Coach: Simple Session 2

Going Deeper:

-READ: “Understanding the Truth Box Questions

-READ: “Understanding the Transformation Box Question

-READ: “Illumination and Faith

-READ: “Dealing with Demons in a Ministry Session

-READ: “Satan is Well Pleased with Our Best Effort

Week Ten

Training Assignments:

-READ: The Essentials of TPM: Chapter 11: “From Sinful Solutions to God’s Way of Release”

-READ: “Solutions: How they are Established

-READ: “Overview of the Solution Box

-WATCH: “Video Demonstration: “Solutions in a TPM Session

Going Deeper:

-READ: “Cooperating with God in His Handiwork

-READ: “God Completing the Work He Started

-READ: “Turn the Light On!

-WATCH:The Constant Effects of the Lies We Believe (Pain and Solutions)

-WATCH:The Problem with Only Addressing Solution Behaviors

Week Eleven

Training Assignments:

-READ: “The Solution Box Questions

-READ: “Solving the Problems of Heart Belief

-WATCH: “Video Demonstration: “Solution (No Emotion) and Heart Belief (Helpless)

-WATCH: “Video Demonstration: “Solution (No Memory, Anger) and Solution (Powerless, Weak)

-PRACTICE: “TPM Coach: “No Emotion

Going Deeper:

-READ: Avoiding Workarounds

-READ: “When the Questions Don’t Appear to Work

-READ: TPM and Free Will

-WATCH:Problem, Solutions, and Why Diets Don’t Work

Week Twelve

Training Assignments:

-READ: The Essentials of TPM: “Introduction to the Three P’s of TPM”

-READ: The Essentials of TPM: Chapter 12: “The Purpose: Why Do TPM at All”

-READ: “The Process, Principles, and Purpose of TPM

-READ:The Mentee’s Role in the TPM Process

Going Deeper:

-READ: When the Truth Does Not Feel True

-READ: The Sanctification of Belief

-READ: Faith is When Your Feet Touch the Bottom


Week Thirteen

Training Assignments:

-READ: The Essentials of TPM: Chapter 13: “The Principles: The Foundation of What Should Happen in a Ministry Session”

-READ: “Anger in a Ministry Session

-READ: “Introduction to Anger

-READ: “Orientation, Process, and Explanation

-READ: “A Biblical View of Anger

-PRACTICE:TPM Coach: Angry at Somebody

Going Deeper:

-READ: God Is…

-WATCH: “The Basics Principles of Emotion (Anger)

Week Fourteen

Training Assignments:

-READ: The Essentials of TPM: Chapter 14: “The Process: What We Do in a Ministry Session”

-READ: “The Anger Family

-READ: “Anger Role Play

-READ: “Anger: Summary and Review

Going Deeper:

-WATCH:Anger is a Stop Sign

Week Fifteen

Training Assignments:

-READ: The Essentials of TPM: Chapter 15: “Who Is Doing What in a Ministry Session”

-READ: “Vows: Addressing the Real Problem

-WATCH: “Stuck in the Current Situation While in the Emotion Box

-PRACTICE: “TPM Coach: Angry at God

Going Deeper:

-READ: “Troubleshooter’s Guide

-READ: “Effortless Forgiveness

Week Sixteen

Training Assignments:

-READ: The Essentials of TPM: Chapter 16: “Becoming Aware of Our Triggers”

-READ: “Truth-based Pain: Principles

-READ: “Truth-based Pain: Process

Going Deeper:

-READ: “When Our Conscience Condemns Us

-READ:Waiting for the Waters to Stir

Week Seventeen

Training Assignments:

-READ: The Essentials of TPM: Chapter 17: “General Overview of the TPM Process

-READ: “What is Faith?

-READ: “Not All Faith is a Pure Faith

-READ: “Walking in a Pure Faith

-READ: “Heart Belief Supersedes Intellectual Belief

-WATCH: “Telling Yourself the Truth in a TPM Session

-WATCH: “Demonic Manifestation in a TPM Session

Going Deeper:

-WATCH: “Taking the Holy Spirit out of the TPM Process

-READ: “Without Faith We Cannot Trust and Obey

Week Eighteen

Training Assignments:

-READ: The Essentials of TPM: Chapter 18: “Understanding the MAP and Questions”

-READ: “Belief Series: Introduction

-READ: “Belief Series: Experiential Belief

-READ: “Belief Series: Intellectual Belief

-READ: “Belief Series: Assumptions and Conclusions

-PRACTICE: “The TPM Compass

Week Nineteen

Training Assignments:

-READ: The Essentials of TPM: Chapter 19: “The Solution and Anger Boxes”

-READ: “Belief Series: Heart Belief

-READ: “Persuasion, Faith, and TPM

-READ: “Trust and Authority

-READ: “Two Types of Heart Belief

Going Deeper:

-READ: “Intellectual Belief is a Precursor to Faith

-READ: “Is Heart Belief Experiential?

Week Twenty

Training Assignments:

-READ: The Essentials of TPM: Chapter 20: “Ministry Session Expectations”

-READ: The Essentials of TPM: “Conclusion”

-READ: Characteristics of Heart Belief

-READ: “The “Sense” of the Heart

-READ: “Solving the Problems Caused by Heart Belief

-READ: “Summary of All We Believe

Going Deeper:

-READ: “The Role of Memory and Heart Belief

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