TPM Process Demonstrations

Where there is a disagreement between this page and the book titled,
“The Principles, Purpose, and Process of TPM,” the book is correct.

Introduction to the TPM Process Demonstrations

What follows is a library of videos in which Dr. Ed Smith and his son Joshua demonstrate applying the TPM Process. Click the play button on any of the videos to begin. You can make any of the videos appear larger by clicking the “full screen” button located in the bottom-right corner of the video player.

NOTE: This video library will continue to grow. Check back regularly to view newly posted demonstrations.

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If you have a downloaded copy of one of these video, you can view it without needing to be connected to the internet. This can very beneficial if your internet connection is slow, if you are traveling to a location where accessing the internet may not be possible, or if you would like to reduce your cellular data usage while viewing these videos “on-the-go.”


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Above: “Asking the Emotion Box Questions Until the Mentee Repeats”

Above: “Solutions in a TPM Session”

Above: “Solution (No Emotion) and Heart Belief (Helpless) (With Map)”

Above: “Solution (No Emotion) and Heart Belief (Helpless) (No Map)”

Above: “Solution (No Memory, Anger) and Heart Belief (Powerless, Weak)”

Above: “A Simple Demonstration of the TPM Process

Above: “Stuck in the Current Situation while in the Emotion Box”

Above: “Asking the Looping Question in the Memory Box”

Above: “Telling Yourself the Truth in a TPM Session”

Above: “Minimal Information Needed in a TPM Session”

Above: “Demonic Manifestation in a TPM Session”