September 2019

Thank you for your continued partnership and support! 

How Your Support has Helped in September:

People Accessed the Training (SEPT)

Minutes Were Spent Viewing Training (combined)

Web Pages Were Viewed by Visitors (combined)

Budget Update (SEPT)

Monthly Support Budget: ~$22,000 (basic operational cost)

Support Budget Received: $15,539

Support Budget Remaining: $6,461

community participation

People Who Have Contributed Financially (SEPT)

People Who Have Contributed Financially (ALL TIME)

Percentage of Those Who Accessed the Training that also Contributed Financially (SEPT)


We can meet the monthly budget if each person committed to contributing just $2.00 each month!

Would you consider becoming a monthly “Sustaining Supporter?”

Thank you for your participation in fulfilling this mission!

There is Still Time to Contribute This Month








Prayer Request:

Please pray for us as we seek to fulfill what we believe is God’s calling for making TPM freely available to the global Body of Christ.

Specific Requests Include:

  • Ask that God would raise a team of people called to financially support this ministry’s operational costs through recurring donations.
  • Ask that major donors would be called to support the effort to translate TPM into the primary language groups.
  • Ask that God would grant us wisdom in developing regional ministry centers around the globe.
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