Understanding the TPM Questions: TRUTH (part 4 of 6)

by Jun 21, 2016

Question One: “May we present that belief to the Lord?

Question Two: “Lord, what do you want [person’s name] to know?

After identifying what could be a lie-based core belief, the next step in the TPM process is to offer it to the Lord. There are two questions in this TRUTH Box. This first question “May we present that belief to the Lord?” serves as a courtesy that helps communicate with the person receiving ministry where we are in the process. It might be better understood as a transitional statement, alerting the person that it is time to offer the belief to the Lord.  Once a person becomes familiar with the TPM process this question is needed less and may eventually be omitted.

It is important to remember that these are not magic words that bring about His truth and mind-renewal. Rather, we seek simply to acknowledge the Lord’s role and power in the process, as well as to encourage the ministry recipient to place themselves into a position of receiving. It is not uncommon for a person to receive truth from the Lord before the facilitator even asks this question. It is basically saying, “Now it is time to see what the Lord wants you to know.”

Therefore, be careful not to make this more complicated or “spiritual” than it needs to be. Keep it simple. This is not the time for well-meaning, but lengthy prayers. We are simply attempting to present a belief to the Lord for His truth and perspective. At this stage an ornate prayer is not necessary for God to reveal truth and may even hinder the process for the recipient.

After offering the belief up to the Lord, facilitators only need to wait until it appears that the ministry recipient is no longer processing anything. If the person is not providing any visual cues that he has completed whatever was going on, you can ask the “LOST” question “What is going on?” to see if he is ready for you to ask the TRANSFORMATION Box question.

There is no need to rush things here. The facilitator does not need to do anything but wait. After the recipient appears to be finished processing what he may or may not have received, you should ask the TRANSFORMATION Box question. You do not need to know what the Lord may have said or revealed to the person. Nothing that he may report will have any bearing on what you will do next. You should NOT engage the person in conversation at this point. You DO NOT need to ask anything such as; “What are you seeing, hearing, etc.?”  or “What just happened?” or “What did Jesus say?”  or “Do you see Jesus?” or, worse yet, “Can you try to look for Jesus.”

Even if the person says, “NOTHING is going on!” “Jesus is not talking to me!” or even, “Jesus just said He hates me and that I am worthless.” You never need to correct the person’s theology, give them the truth, ask additional questions, etc. You also need not ask the Lord more questions such as, “Is there anything else that you want Bill to know?” or “Do you want Bill to also know that…?” Ask the TRUTH Box question one time, give the person as much time as he needs to process whatever occurs, and then move directly to the TRANSFORMATION Box.


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