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This downloadable zipped folder includes the new book, “The Principles, Purpose, and Process of TPM.If you are new to TPM, we recommend reading this book first (scroll down to learn more). The download also includes a copy of Effortless Forgiveness (in which Ed and Joshua discuss the topic of “forgiveness” from a TPM perspective). The download will also include every version of the TPM Map (Mentee’s, Mentor’s, and Objectives) and the various versions of the TPM Flowcharts (EMOTION Box, MEMORY Box, ANGER Box, and SOLUTION Box). We encourage you to print the Maps and Flowcharts so that you have a physical copy. Both color and black/white versions are included! 

TPM Books

“The Principles, Purpose, and Process
of Transformation Prayer Ministry”

If you are new to TPM, start with this book.

This book replaces ALL previous versions of the TPM training!

Discontinued Material Includes: The Essentials of TPM, The Process of TPM, Healing Life’s Hurts, Dealing with Difficult Cases, as well as the 2007 Basic Training

If you are new to this ministry, welcome aboard! You may feel a little overwhelmed by what lies before you, but each person who is currently practicing this ministry started where you are today. We believe that if you invest the time and effort in learning what is in this book, it can change in part how you view and live the rest of your life. The intent of the ministry model is to provide both a practical understanding and systematic means to cooperate with what God is already doing in your life. He wants to lead us into a deeper and fuller understanding of the truth (John 16:13). He wants us to know who He is and who we are in Him because of what He’s done on our behalf. He was sent to persuade us to believe and trust in God’s perspective. He desires that we not only know the truth in our heads but also believe it in our hearts.

Rather than approaching this “training” with the purpose of ministering to others, we encourage you to implement it as part of your journey with God. This book was written to equip you with the knowledge and perspective needed to intentionally position yourself to hear from the Spirit so that you can have your faith purified, your mind renewed, and your life transformed into the image of Christ.
390 Pages – Published April, 2023

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“Effortless Forgiveness”

Use it in small groups or offer it to others as an introduction to TPM!

The act of forgiveness is not something we can simply “choose” to do. The success rate of this approach is sorely lacking. If we try our best to forgive and yet still feel animosity, offended, or remain angry with those who have hurt us, then something is amiss. Forgiving from the heart as Jesus forgave is an outcome of genuine compassion felt toward those who have hurt us (Matt. 18:27). This occurs effortlessly when we rightfully view the person and his offense through the eyes of truth.

Forgiveness from the heart is a work of God accomplished in us by Him alone in the same manner as He produces the fruit of the Spirit (Gal. 5:22-23). This “fruit” is an effortless outcome of knowing God’s truth with the heart. Only the Spirit can persuade us of the truth in this manner. By reading “Effortless Forgiveness” you will discover how to cooperate with the Spirit as He refines your faith/belief by persuading you of His truth, and thereby, releasing you to forgive effortlessly from your heart.
204 Pages – Published Feb, 2018

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TPM Maps

The TPM Map is an illustrated training tool that was designed to help you visualize the protocols that you are about to learn. The various versions of the TPM Map portray each of the seven “Boxes,” the questions contained in each box, the specific objectives that are to be accomplished and, generally speaking, how you typically transition from one box to another. Initially, you will probably need to look at the Map as you practice applying the process, but at some point, you will master it and use it spontaneously.

The TPM Map is designed to help you learn the TPM Process, but it does not offer any explanation or instruction on how to perform the tasks that are involved. It serves as an overview of each of the potential stages of the TPM Process but does not specifically illustrate what to do in each stage. The Map alone does not equip you to apply the process. Each version of the TPM Map is to be used alongside the main text (see above).

Notice: You are encouraged to print-out your own copy of the “TPM MAP” to use during your training and future ministry sessions.

“Objectives Map”

“Question Maps”

Mentee’s Version

Mentor’s Version

TPM Flowcharts

Unlike the TPM Map that contains the questions to be asked during a ministry session, you are not expected to memorize all that is contained in the Flowcharts. Like the TPM Map, the Flowcharts serve as visual aids that can help you become more familiar with what you read in this book. You are encouraged to familiarize yourself with each chart and be able to navigate through each one. They will help you learn the Process, the order in which the objectives are to be accomplished, and what to do at virtually any point in a TPM session.

The TPM Flowcharts offer an expanded or “zoomed-in” view of the corresponding Boxes. They include the objectives that are to be accomplished, the questions that can be asked, and the context that determines where you are in that Box. They can help you answer the question, “What do you do if this or that happens in a TPM session?” They suggest the next step to take based upon what is happening in any given moment. Essentially, they offer detailed illustrations of the protocols found in the Process. They show the logical flow and requirements that must be met before asking the assigned questions in each “Box.” They also offer helpful tips that relate to their specific Box.

There are Flowcharts for the EMOTION Box, the MEMORY Box, the ANGER Box, and the SOLUTION Box. And each of these Flowcharts is also available from both a Mentee and Mentor’s perspective. There are no flowcharts for the BELIEF, TRUTH or TRANSFORMATION Boxes since the objectives in each of these boxes are straightforward and typically do not need further explanation. The Flowcharts are to be used alongside the main text (see above).

Notice: You are encouraged to print-out your own copy of each “Flowchart” to use during your training and future ministry sessions.

“Mentee’s Flowcharts”





“Mentor’s Flowcharts”





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