Anger Series: Part 5 – Summary and Review

by Mar 3, 2017

Anger: Summary and Review

This twenty-five minute video will give you a broad sweeping summary of anger. There is some repetition of what you have already been exposed to, but learning to properly deal with anger is crucial. Be sure and watch not only this video over and again, but review all of the videos many times  —as well as re-reading the articles. After you do ministry for a time, come back and review it all again. You will be surprised how much you will have missed. Experience with doing the ministry will create questions that you would have not known to have asked.

As you have heard it said again and again, “One time through will never do.” If you have only read or watched the material one or two times you may have comprehended 12-20% of it. If the training is worth learning then it deserves your commitment and dedication to the task.

We encourage you to become a master of this training and be as an effective tool in the hand of God as you can be. Without any exaggeration, 98% of all the questions we are ever asked about some aspect of the training, the answer is always found within the training itself.

Do your best and encourage all those who come to you for prayer ministry to do the same.

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