Our Vision:

“Make Transformation Prayer Ministry Freely Available to Every Person, Everywhere, in the Body of Christ!”

A New Vision and Mission!


Opening these “doors” will help us freely offer TPM to every member of the global Body of Christ!

Financial Door: Make training in Transformation Prayer Ministry FREE to All so that no financial barrier can hinder anyone in the world from benefiting from TPM.

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Financial Door: Making All Training FREE to Every Member and Without Cost

WHY: So that every believer can freely access and share TPM regardless of income.

HOW: We appreciate all of you who have been led to support this ministry. Your contributions are making it possible for us to equip believers all around the world with TPM. We do not ask anyone to give, host fund raisers, or run other contribution campaigns. Rather, we believe that God raises up those who He chooses to undergird this work. If you have been chosen and have responded to His promptings, we say, “Thank you!” You are a blessing to us and also to the tens of thousands around the world who are being equipped in this ministry.

Language Door: Translate Transformation Prayer Ministry into as many other languages as possible so that more members of the Body of Christ may learn the principles in the language of their heart.

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 However, due to Language Door: Translating TPM into Every Language

WHY: So that every believer will be able to learn these concepts in their own language and can more easily share them with others.

HOW: This ministry is based in English, but we desire to translate the training material into all languages so believers throughout the world will have access to it. We also desire that it be translated professionally and as accurately as possible. However, we are open to working with groups who have interest in volunteering to make this possible. But we ask that no one translate any of the TPM materials without contacting us first and receiving permission. 

Cultural Door: Equip churches to incorporate the basic concepts and principles of Transformation Prayer Ministry into the “DNA” and culture of the Church, so that members may learn to naturally and spontaneously apply TPM to their lives as a spiritual discipline. By knowing and embracing TPM they will be able to willfully and intentionally cooperate with what God is doing in refining their faith/belief as they submit themselves under “the mighty hand of God” (1 Pet. 5:6) and thereby “be trained”  by His discipline that is “producing the peaceful fruits of righteousnes” (Heb. 12:11).
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Cultural Objective: Bringing TPM into the “DNA” and Culture of the Church

WHY: So that TPM is not just another ministry of the church, but rather how the church member thinks, filters and interprets life.  When the principles of TPM become “cultural,” the member can understand and then choose to submit to God’s faith refining process (1 Pet. 5:6), learn to be trained by it (Heb. 12:11), and have their minds renewed through it (Rom. 12:2), so they are less likely to miss opportunities to grow, mature, and receive the promised transformation that He freely offers (James 1:7).All this can occur within the community culture where each member encourages the other to press in and receive all that God has for him or her.

HOW: First, by dispelling the notion that TPM is simply a ministry for “troubled people,” when, in fact, it is an active process –a spiritual discipline– that each believer can utilize to ensure a more consistent walk in truth. TPM provides a means by which each of us may intentionally participate with God in His faith refining work.  As they learn and incorporate the TPM principles into their daily walk, they will view life difficulties, personal conflicts, church related issues, and any and all crisis that may arise, NOT as something they have to endure, but rather as an opportunity for mind renewal and inner transformation (Rom. 12:2).

When the principles and concepts of TPM permeate the way the church thinks and views life, she will be able to approach life difficulties as an opportunity for spiritual benefit as opposed to something merely to endure.  Each difficulty can predictably and expectantly become an opportunity of faith/belief refinement, resulting in genuine identifiable freedom and transformation. Too often, those who perform poorly in the church are seen as “troubled” and are sent to the “lepers camp” to get “fixed” so they might someday return to the fold and hopefully perform better. The problem is that we are all lepers. All of us need our minds renewed with truth. It is not only the “sub-par performers” who are called to be transformed by the renewing of their minds, but every member (Rom. 12:2).

We envision a church in which TPM is a fundamental part of its culture and DNA. We envision a church where we speak the same ministry language, where it is Okay to be a “leper,” where blaming one another is no longer practiced and personal responsibility for one’s emotional pain is expected and the norm, and where members naturally and spontaneously pray with each other all the way through to genuine transformation and freedom. We can see this happening within the global Body of Christ, with every member, everywhere.

Geographical Door:  Identify churches and ministry centers where TPM is being applied in a pure form so that we might establish a network of TPM users. Make it possible for any person anywhere in the world to have access to qualified ministers who are well equipped in TPM to provide personal ministry, training and mentoring. Thereby, answering the question too often asked, “Where can I go to receive and be trained in Transformation Prayer Ministry?”

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Geographical Door: Identifying churches and Ministry Centers all around the world that are practicing a pure form of the TPM Process so that all members everywhere can have access to quality personal ministry and mentoring in training

WHY: To ensure quality training, offer genuine TPM to those in need, and provide models for others to follow.

HOW: We (Ed Smith, Joshua Smith, and TPM team) will personally invest time and energy into training local groups -primarily churches- that are committed to a pure form of TPM. Our goal is to have reliable and assured places where people seeking ministry/training can go knowing that what they will receive will indeed be genuine TPM. This has been an unmet need in this ministry for the last twenty years. 

Technological Door: Develop interactive educational websites –in all languages– where the full and comprehensive training in TPM is always current and freely available to anyone in the world who has internet access.
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Technological Objective: Making TPM Easily Accessible and Always Up-to-Date

WHY: So that every believer will have instant, personal access to the most up-to-date information and the tools that will help them learn and apply it.

HOW: We will utilize a web-based, educational platform to make TPM available to anyone who has internet access. This will allow for instant informational updates (no more waiting years for the revisions). The format of the training will allow for self-paced learning; both for individuals and groups. The information will be communicated through videos, animations, dramatizations, text, audio, etc. that can be downloadable at any time. The goal is to make the information as easy as possible to transport and share.

Thank You For Helping Us Take TPM to the World!

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