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Ed pict 1God is doing a marvelous work in the lives of untold thousands from all around the world through Transformation Prayer Ministry (formerly known as Theophostic Prayer Ministry /TPM).  This ministry found its way into over 150 plus countries worldwide simply by word of mouth and not through any effort on our part. All of the live training seminars we have provided over the last two decades were held in locations where TPM had been established long before we ever got there.

We have received tens of thousands of letters and emails from people from all over the world who have said they have been literally transformed through the power and presence of Jesus through this ministry. God is doing a wonderful work and I am amazed and blessed.

I did my very first “TPM” session with a woman nearly twenty years ago who had been sexually abused as a child. It was by “accident” that I stumbled onto, what has since become, this worldwide ministry. When she looked up through her tear filled eyes, with a beaming countenance -that changed from despair, shame and fear into perfect peace and joy- I knew that I had witnessed a miracle. What I saw in that moment was something that I could have never accomplished myself as a counselor. The Lord transformed her by simply revealing His truth and perspective to her personally. She moved from believing lies to experientially knowing the truth. Of course I had no idea that this was just the beginning and that she would be the first of thousands upon thousands to experience this same freedom.

From the beginning (in the mid-nineties), this ministry was positioned under the umbrella of a FOR-PROFIT organization called New Creation Publishing. All funding came through the sale of goods and services we provided. We did not solicit or expect others to give to support this work. Our financial support came from the purchases of training materials and training seminars.

Then in 2015 we sense the Spirit leading us to take this ministry to EVERY believer EVERYWHERE in the world and to do so WITHOUT COST. We did not want there to be any barrier hindering any person from receiving this training so we knew we would need to give it away. However, “free” does not mean without cost. Our expenses remained the same. Accomplishing this mission will require the help and support of the entire TPM community. To make this possible we established a new corporation called Transformation Prayer Ministry International, Inc. This non-profit corporation allows people to partner with us with their gifts and donations.

We want every person in the Body of Christ to have access to this training without cost, but we need your help to make this possible. If you or your church have benefited from this ministry, we ask you to become sustaining supporters and help us to make this ministry FREELY available to every believer, everywhere and in in every language within the entire global Body of Christ.

There is much more to this mission that is detailed in the “VISION” portion of this website. Interested in knowing more? What to be a part of this exciting journey?  Read on.

In the freedom that only the Lord gives,

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Ed Smith: Founder

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