Preparation for Your Journey: Belief and Choice Principle

by Jul 31, 2017

A Foundation Principle
There is a basic principle in TPM we call the
Belief and Choice Principle. Simply put, there is nothing that occurs in any ministry session apart from the person’s belief and the consequential choice they are making based upon this belief. In other words, we make the choices that we do based upon what we believe. Specifically, what we believe to be the truth with our hearts. We will soon discover that we can believe something to be true intellectually and believe just the opposite in our hearts. This is why we may believe with our intellect that the Lord is always near and will never forsake us and yet at the same time feel all alone and abandoned. 

No Victims Here

It is a real temptation to view ourselves as a victim during the ministry process. We tend to blame our situation, our lot in life, who we are married to, our work, our children, etc. for the reason we feel what we feel. During a ministry session we want our inability to remember something to be caused by some force outside of ourselves. We want to appear helpless about the fact that our emotions all went away. We want the big inner “wall” we feel inside that is impeding our progress to be our problem rather than admit it is actually the solution we erected ourselves. We blame the devil for oppressing us, thwarting our progress, keeping us from the truth, and therefore, need deliverance to be rescued from his grasp. As long as we are victims, we do not have to remember, feel, move, or do anything else other than wait to be rescued. If we are going to move forward in truth, we have to shed this thinking. 

Nothing Stands in the Way of the Truth

The fact is, nothing stand
s between us and the truth God has for us, other than our own belief and the choices we are making based upon that belief. We do not want to remember because of what we believe will occur if we do remember. We do not want to feel badly, so we suppress our pain. We do not want to move forward, so a wall suddenly appears in our minds. Having a “demon” problem can also offer us a way of escape from the “dreadful” task at hand. The truth is, demons cannot make us do anything we do not permit. A demon cannot violate our will or force us to do anything. Therefore, their involvement is somehow related to and connected with our belief and choice.

Jesus is the Truth Giver, Not Rescuer

We do not need to ask Jesus to take us to any memory, remove any barriers, drive out any demons, or give us any direction. Everything we need in order to move to the position for receiving His truth is already at our disposal. Everything that needs to occur in the ministry session—other than the Holy Spirit granting us truth—will be accomplished when we make the appropriate choices. We will choose to move forward when our belief that is contrary to doing so is replaced with the Lord’s truth. It is only our own belief and choice that keeps us where we are.

Whatever happens in any ministry session will be directly related to the choices that you will make in the session. The only exception to this might be if you had a misinformed ministry facilitator that started telling you what to do. If this happens choose to go somewhere else for prayer ministry.

Should your emotions suppress, no memory comes to mind, demons show up, or some inner wall stands in the way, you have the power to overcome each by simply choosing to do so. If you do not seem to be able to make the choice then there will be a belief keeping you from doing so. You will soon learn how to identify such beliefs and how to exchange them for the truth.


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