Taking TPM to the World

by Mar 22, 2017

Simply Put: We need your help to take TPM to the World.

We are pressing on toward the goal set before us to take TPM to the global Body of Christ. We need your participation to make this happen. We cannot do this without the continual support from you and others in the TPM community who have benefited from this ministry.  We are asking you to evaluate whether you have benefited from the training and if so, what would God have you do to help us make it freely available to others so they too might benefit? Though we greatly appreciate the one-time gifts we receive,  we need a team of people who are committed to work with us for the long haul. Making TPM free is not without cost. Will you consider becoming an active part in fulfilling this mission.

Thank you
Ed and Joshua

Join Us in Taking TPM to the World

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