The Belief Series: Parts 1-14

by Mar 28, 2017

TRAINING TIME INVESTMENT: There are approximately 45 pages of text in this section. You should be able to read through them in three to four hours. The videos vary in length so you will need to plan accordingly.


Important  consideration

The following series of articles are foundation stones for understanding the concept of belief in the context of TPM. This is a lengthy study so take your time and apply yourself to learn it well. You will discover that it is filled with very important information.

As you work through this information, it is important that you not view it as a “one time through will do” task at hand.  Comprehension, not “completion,” is the goal. You will probably never “complete” all of this training since it is in transition and has been since 1995. There is also no indication that it’s “transformation” won’t continue on until the Lord returns.

Completion of the training means not just comprehension, but expert application as well. The goal should be continual growth in knowledge and understanding and efficacy in practice.

Do the Process As You Learn the Principles and Purpose
You can be practicing the PROCESS even though you may have not worked through all of the articles in the PRINCIPLES an PURPOSE sections. Learning how to do the TPM Process is not dependent upon knowing all of this information, but understanding the Principles and Purpose of TPM will increase the benefit exponentially. It is also crucial that anyone with whom you pray using TPM, also become well equipped. This is why we call the roles in the PROCESS the “Mentoring Facilitator” and the “Mentee.”