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by Aug 25, 2017

This page contains outdated information! Where this disagrees with the book titled, “The Principles, Purpose, and Process of TPM,” the book is correct.

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If you were on an extensive nature walk, backpacking through rolling hills and endless forests, you might run the risk of becoming lost at some point along the way. To forego this problem, you might bring along a map with you. This may prove to be valuable when attempting to find your way through the wilderness. However, if you want to ensure that you stay on track, you might also pack a compass. With both a map and compass at your disposal —and some practice using them— you can be more confident that you will not become lost on your journey!


The “TPM Compass” is a training tool that is designed to help you determine where you are on “The Map” and clarify what you should do at any given point during the ministry process. However, it is not designed to tell you where to go, but only where you are on the “MAP.” However, if you know where you are, then you should know what question to ask.

It is crucial that you have a GOOD understanding of the PROCESS and PRINCIPLES of TPM and use this tool as a supplement to your training and not as a substitute. Use it as needed, but learn TPM well.

The “compass” works by it asking you basic questions. Your answers to these questions provide you with your needed coordinates.  You will be asked simple questions like, “Is the Mentee currently feeling anything?” or “Has a memory come to his or her mind?” or “Does the stated belief fit the definition of a lie-based heart belief?”  Your answers to these basic questions will determine exactly where you are on the Map and thereby, you should then know what to ask.

And, if after you have taken the next recommended step, you are still unsure of where you are on The Map and do not know what to do next, simply click the “START OVER” button and use the compass’ questions to help you again. If you continue to not know where you are on the MAP,  you may want to revisit the training articles concerning the PROCESS.

Important Note: The TPM Compass obviously cannot determine the course of the session, it cannot guess what the Mentee will do or say next, nor can it guide you through the entirety of your session. It is only able to tell you where you are IN THE MOMENT and by doing so, revealing what steps should be taken AT THAT POINT IN THE SESSION.


The “Compass” can also be used while training and practicing the TPM Process! It can help you by answering questions such as, “What do I do if __________ happens?”  This tool can be used where the TPM Process is being practiced and learned in a group setting.  You can create ministry sessions scenarios and ask each member to determine where you are in the created scenario and use the “Compass” to check their answers. In this way, the TPM Compass can be used to verify that you are following TPM protocol.



Using the TPM Compass does not replace the need to learn well the Purpose, Principles, and Process of TPM. It is vital that you remain diligent in your effort in becoming as well equipped as you can be. The TPM Compass is only intended to help you in this achieving this endeavor by making it easier to learn and apply. Enjoy using your new tool!

For more information, click on any of the following questions in the boxes found below.

How do I start using the TPM Compass?
On PC: Scroll up (or click here) and then click “Start.”

On Mobile Device (Tablet/Smartphone): Simply click here (or on the image above). Then, either download the iSpring Play app to view and download a copy of this exercise or simply view it in your internet browser.

Click Here to download the iSpring Play app for iOS Devices

Click Here to download the iSpring Play app for Android Devices

How do I restart the TPM Compass?
Once you have answered the necessary questions, the TPM Compass will show you where you are on The Map, and you will be given the option to restart. However, if at any point you would like to restart the exercise, simply refresh the page.
How do I return to The Compass after clicking on a link?
After clicking on any of the links that are available in the TPM Compass, a new tab or window will open. Once you are finished reading the article or viewing the video, simply close that newly opened tab/window to continue using the TPM Compass.
How do I download the TPM Compass?
On PC: To download this exercise on PC, go to THIS PAGE and click “download” (top-right of your screen).

On Mobile Device (Tablet/Smartphone)Although you can view this exercise in your internet browser, if you download the iSpring Play App, you will be able to use the TPM Compass even when you are not connected to the internet. This is really helpful if you have a weak internet connection, slow internet speed, or if you know you will be somewhere that the internet is not available (rural area, vacation, camp, missions, etc.).

Click Here to download the iSpring Play app for iOS Devices

Click Here to download the iSpring Play app for Android Devices

Example of How to Download on Mobile Device using iSpring Play App (Android Shown):

First, click the small icon (i) found to the right of the title/picture:

Second, click “make available offline:”

You’re All Done! You now have the TPM Compass downloaded to your device:

Are there any requirements before I begin using the TPM Compass?
Although this exercise was designed with many people in mind; new people and TPM veterans alike, it is intended to be paired with the use of The Map. It is also obviously important that you continue learning more and more about the Purpose, Principles, and Process of TPM. It is vital that you continue equipping yourself for this journey! The TPM Compass is simply another tool you can use as you grow in your understanding of TPM.

Quick Note: It is extremely helpful (and recommended) to have a copy of The Map on hand as you use the TPM Compass. Try to get in the habit of using it to help you follow the Mentee. Click any of the following images to view and download your copy of The Map

Full Color:
TPM Map (Full Color)

Some Color:TPM Map (Less Color)

Black and White:TPM Map (Black and White)

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