Anger in a Ministry Session

by Apr 4, 2017

TRAINING TIME INVESTMENT: There are approximately fifteen pages of text in this section. It should take you less than one hour to read through it. The videos will vary in length so you should plan accordingly.


Working with Anger in a Ministry session

Anger shows up often in a ministry session. People will be angry either toward God or toward others, themselves, things or their situation. Other than when angry toward God, their anger will be a SOLUTION to a perceived problem serving them in some manner. Anger is not a sin that can just be confessed or repented of, but rather is serving a purpose that is based upon a belief. Unless the belief is identified and replaced with the Lord’s perspective it will remain. This is not to say that anger does not bring about sinful choices and behavior for it does. This is why the Scriptures say, “Be angry, just don’t sin…” (Eph. 4:26)

The following links will take you to articles and videos that are designed to benefit you in your dealing with anger and help you find lasting results. Some of these same articles are listed in the other areas of the training, however, this page will give you access to all articles pertaining to anger found in all the training.