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Proofing Guidelines

This training is a work in progress. We are rushing forward making it available as soon as we are able. In the rush, we miss things. Even though we have every article proofread several times, there are always things that slip past us. You can help us out by alerting us to any problems that you find. However, it would help us if you follow the following simple guidelines.

  1. Copy the text that is in question into a MS Word Mark your edit changes either using the MS WORD correction tracker or make all your edits in RED so they are easily identified.  You do not need to leave any comments, just make your edit directly to the text. Please do not delete any text from the article, but rather leave it in place, mark it in RED and put it in [brackets].
  2. If the issue needed attention is in a single paragraph just copy and paste the entire paragraph that the issue is located into a MS Word document and send it to us by email. Include the subheading that the paragraph falls under.
  3. If there are multiple issues in question, either copy the entire article or each paragraph with its subheading included. Be sure and include the title of the article. Thank you for your help.

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