Pastors Introducing TPM to their Church (Video)

by Oct 10, 2016

The Church Cooperating with God’s Refining Work

It is the desire of this ministry that the global church will someday embrace the principles of TPM and bring them into her very culture so that the members will begin to apply them daily. How glorious it would be if the Church at large ceased in their attempt in accomplishing only what God can do (transformation), but instead, took ownership of what they felt and looked to the Lord for His truth allowing Him to transform their lives and thereby, experiencing the fruit of His Spirit. What might the church look like if we stopped blaming each other for what we felt? What if we stopped self-medicating and distracting ourselves from what we feel and allowed our feelings to expose our core beliefs? What if each member began to view life’s crises and difficulties as something not to endure or just get through, but rather, as a divine opportunity to have one’s faith refined and purified?