Using the Name TPM in Your Ministry Setting

by Dec 29, 2016

People often request permission to use the name Transformation Prayer Ministry in their personal ministry setting. This is possible, but comes with some restrictions.  First, Transformation Prayer Ministry is understood within the framework of its three components:  1) Process –what happens in a ministry session, 2) Principles -explanation for what happens in a ministry session, and 3) Purpose –why we do TPM.

We understand that some people may have differences of opinion about certain aspects of the Principles and Purpose since these areas contain  our particular theology, neurological theories, and personal opinions, etc.  All of this is our best attempt at explaining what TPM is and how it works. Though we believe that what we offer in these areas has value, is biblical and beneficial, we understand that not all members of the Body of Christ may agree on all points.

Even if you do not agree on all points pertaining to the Principles and Purpose you can still effectively apply the Process of TPM. The Process itself is a system and not a theology or an ideology. You can also call what you are doing “TPM” even if you disagree on some points in the Principles and Process, as long as you follow the TPM Process  exactly as it is taught.

So when it comes to the TPM Process (the application of the ministry itself), it must be understood that what you are offering people is a pure form of the TPM process if it is to be identified as TPM. What you are calling the TPM Process, must be “As Is” and practiced “As-Is” what is taught in this ministry. If you add to or take away any part of what is taught in the “Process” then you should call what you are doing by a different name.

We have no need or desire to dictate what any person does in his or her own personal ministry setting, but we do ask that if you identify what you are providing as Transformation Prayer Ministry, that you follow the defined model without additions, deletions, or variations. However, if you augment, add questions, skip areas, etc., then please DO NOT call what you are doing “Transformation Prayer Ministry.”


Nevertheless, whether you fully agree with us on all points or not on what is taught outside of the process model (the “How-To” do it portion of the training), it is crucial that you equip your ministry team with an adequate explanation and theological under pinning for doing the process. Please do not extract the “process” from out of the training and fail to equip your people with principles to support what they are doing, and without providing them with a purpose. If the “purpose” given is simply to help hurting people resolve their pain, this purpose will come up short in the long run.

If all you offer those being trained is the Process and not the Principles and Purpose, your trainees will be sorely lacking in their understanding and their overall ministry will suffer. They will also be left with the task of coming up with their own explanation of things. This is where ministries can get off track quickly.  Also, invest the time to thoroughly and carefully examine what is actually being taught in the Principles and Purpose of TPM. Please ask us questions about any area of concern you may have before you reject any portion of what is there. TPM brings many paradigm shifts with it, and is sometimes misunderstood by some people when it is first encountered. Be sure that you rightfully understand what is being taught before you come to any final conclusions.

TPM is much more than a “tool” for helping people to identify lies and receive freedom, it is a frame of reference, lifestyle and a means for cooperation with what God is doing to refine our faith, renew our minds, and transform our lives. We encourage you to give serious consideration for all that is provided in the full TPM training and keep and use all that you can.