“A Path to Follow”

Process, Principles and Purpose

Transformation Prayer Ministry is understood within the framework of its three components:  1) Process –the protocol followed and what happens in a ministry session, 2) Principles -explanation for what happens in a ministry session, and 3) Purpose –the reason we do TPM.  We realize that some people may have differences of opinion about certain aspects of the Principles and Purpose since these areas contain  some of our particular theology, neurological theories, and personal opinions, etc.

What we propose with the Principles and Purpose of TPM is our best attempt at explaining what TPM is and how it works. Though we believe that what we offer in these areas has value, is biblical and beneficial, we also realize that not all members of the Body of Christ may agree on all points.

Even if you do not agree on all points pertaining to the Principles and Purpose, you can still effectively apply the Process of TPM. The Process itself is not an ideology or theology, but rather only a system of questions to help a person identify the lies they believe. Embrace what you can with the Principles and Purpose, but follow the TPM Process exactly as it is taught.

Should you not fully agree with all that is taught about the Principles and Purpose of TPM, you can still identify what you are doing as TPM as long as what you are doing completely follows the TPM Process protocol. However, if you augment, add questions, skip areas, divert from exact protocol, etc., when applying the TPM Process, then please DO NOT call what you are doing “Transformation Prayer Ministry.”

Repetition is By Design.

You will probably find some of the articles redundant and repetitious. This is by intent. Most people only read a book one time, and at best maybe comprehend and remember 12-15% of what they read. We intentionally repeat ourselves and present the concepts and principles from many different perspectives, over and again, with hope that the reader will learn and remember what he or she is learning.   In order to make TPM a life skill we must learn it well. One time through will never do.


The supplemental articles and videos posted here are categorized into four basic groups. The first three make up the three primary components of Transformation Prayer Ministry:

1)  TPM PROCESS —Information needed for facilitating a TPM session. Protocol for doing a ministry session —Questions asked, and “BOX” locations, Solutions and Anger

2)  TPM PRINCIPLES —Foundation concepts that support why we do what we do in a ministry session.

3)  TPM  PURPOSE —Reason we do TPM at all.

4) GENERAL OVERVIEW   —GENERAL grouping of subjects not pertaining to the Process, Principles or Purpose.

You can begin your journey in any of the four categories since you will probably move back and forth along the way. If you are new to TPM you can CLICK HERE to first read through some introductory articles and videos.  If you are most interested in the application of this ministry model then the PROCESS section is where this is discussed.  However, you will soon discover that the PRINCIPLES and PURPOSE lay the foundation stones for the PROCESS and are vitally important for reaping the most benefit.


BONUS INFORMATION:  There is MUCH valuable information in the “COMMENT” sections found at the bottom of each article. When questions are raised this is where they will be addressed.



NOTE: Due to the recent cyber attacks on the Internet, you are strongly encouraged to print out all of these articles and create your own “Training Manual.” If the Internet becomes unavailable for any reason you will have no access to this training.


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